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About Parkside Student Council

The following are our Student Council Officers for the 2014-15 School Year:

Presidents: Ashley Kruse and Matthew Sarmiento

Vice President: Kyle Fletcher

Secretary: Jasmine L:eota

Treasurer: Mabryn Manu

Activity Coordinators: Gabriel Cabuslay and Olivia DeNardo

We have begun a new activity this year, the Student Store. It is held on various Fridays. We are hoping that the students enjoy the school supplies and we are able to make additional funds for more student activities!

More information to be posted!


2015 Summer Learning Challenge

On June 1st, San Mateo Public Library will be launching our 2015 Summer Learning Challenge!

This is the traditional summer reading program that we are all familiar with, but with more, more, more!

  • Opportunities for active learning in the sciences, music and other disciplines.
  • Rewards for meeting goals by completing physical activities.

View the calendar (PDF)

Watch the video

Principal's Message

Please remember the following dates:

June 9-Art show and STEAM Fair 6:30-8:00

June 10- Kaiser Assembly- The Best me!

June 19th- 5th gr. Vs Teacher Kickball game

                  -Montessori Welcome/Farewell

June 22nd- 5th grade pool party

June 24th- Last day of school. 11:00 Promotion

August 12th- First Day of School for 2015-16!


Car Show/Flea Market- The day was a great event! Many thanks to Shana Orton, Nancy Pantoja, Gladys Privado-Sanchez, Lennie Ram, Daniela Relaford, Josh and Julianna Rees, Sharon Chetcuti, Ilia Jackson, Jennifer Baxter – I hope I didn’t miss anyone! All of the support was fantastic!  

Parkside Attendance! So many classes have received the silver A! This is how it works: each time a class has no absences and no tardies they receive one letter of PARKSIDE- once they have all of the letters- they get a silver A. After the silver A, they keep going to see if they can get PARKSIDE again, then they get a gold A. So far, the classes to reach the Silver A’s are: Ms. Granata, Ms. Kendall, Mrs. Bittle, Mr. Breon, Ms. Brassfield, Ms. Wessling, Miss Pickard, Ms. Chan, Ms. Thompson and Miller’s, Ms. Ramirez and Ms. Napier classes!  Ms. Granata’s class just won the gold today (6/3/15)!

Teachers leaving us!  Sarah Bittle and Paul Torres are leaving Parkside! Both are teachers in the traditional program. Paul is moving to Laurel School, which is closer to his home and easier for supporting his 4th grade son. Sarah is moving to Highlands Elementary for similar reasons, to make life easier for her family! We will miss both of them very much, both are wonderful teachers and have given so much to the Parkside community!

FYI- I am trying out Twitter- trying to keep dates and activities up-to-date- follow me- @sheilaspieller

Thanks so much for all of your support-

Mrs. Spieller


Parkside's Future


Parkside Calendar 2014/2015
Events are also marked on the website calendar below! Continue
Posted by: Stefan Meier
Published: 9/2/14

Calendar of Events

Instructional Supply Donations

Donate pleaseBudget woes really impact what we can provide the school.

Please donate $25 per family for classroom and office supplies.

Preschool Fair

Looking for a quality preschool program?

Come to the SMFCS Preschool Fair.